"So there is adventure! Well, I guess I will show those fireflies whos boss. Now where is my net," cried Theo.
"Don't be so sure of this Theo," Violet said warningly. "There actually is danger. My grandfather, Tiberious Rose III, went on this journey and never came back. We may well be killed going to the End of Light."

 They ended the conversation at the sound of Theo's little sister Rosie coming home from school early.

"Rosie, what are you doing home so early?," asked a concerned Theo. "Is something wrong?!"
"No, just conferences today. You're supposed to be at school right now, you know that right?" said Rosie nonchalontly. "But, considering that you are not really an adult, and that you aren't really 43 like you say you are over the phone, i don't think you should go..."