The Way of a Pen

To put it straight,
the way of a pen,
writing this over and over again.
Blue is the color,
the easiest to write.
Black is the inspiration,
giving way to the light.
This is the way of a pen,
writing this over and over again.


Lets go walking,
you and me.
Down by the beach,
near the green-blue sea.

Let's pick up shells,
and we will see,
the dainty pink lady slippers.
Down by the beach,
near the green-blue sea.

Lets gp wading,
to the sandbar cool,
and catch the starfish gold,
down by the beach,
near the green-blue sea.


One Day

One day,
a mile,
a way to walk.

The next,
a tree,
a place to climb.

what was it yesterday?
oh yes,
a gift,
a heart to recieve.


The Egg

Perfection clear,
and what it is,
warm and soft,
but cold and hard.
here one day,
and gone the next.

The Years Gone By

The years gone by,
my dreams stored away,
a game of dressup,
with a plastic shoe.

The years gone by,
my stories untold,
a baby with a brother,
hugging so true.

The years gone by,
my love the keep,
visits a many,
with sunlit day,
and skies so blue.


Do you have the time,
to listen to my heart unfold.
the stories of years,
and years decrease.

Do you have the sense,
to give way to the sky,
but not look up.

To imagine shining, shimmering dreams.
To give stories of distant illusive lands.
To see what only others can see.
To fly away,
and come back to land.


prod. pinch. poke. ouch! ugh.
my trip to the allergist's
once a week i go.


child hood presences

come with me,
just take my hand.
trust me,
won't you understand?
I know of a place,
full of silver-linings.
and shadows in the shape of the sun.
I know of a place,
with misty moors,
with the wind blowing and the moon showing.
I know of a place where dreams come true,
and a nostalgic feeling fills the air,
for once, you must have passed by there.
so, come with me,
please take my hand.
trust me.
now you understand?


i'm not afraid

the other day,
i thought i saw rain,
but it was just my tears.
falling down.

the other year,
i thought i had found love,
but i had nothing at all.
but a quiet ache

'cause i'm not afraid,
but, i could never really sort.
with keys, and doors.
because they can never tell.

and i can show,
that fate is not planned,
so i had something.
slipped quietly into the palm of my hand.

and today,
i knew i saw rain,
falling down.
feeding the ground.


music dear

pick your dress up knee high,
stamp your feet and clap one time,
go on,
just give it a try,
while you sway with the music.

Dance like no one is watching you,
laugh a bit and cry some too.
you never know what will come through,
so sway with the music.

wish this moment would stay here,
throughout all eternity.
wish this song would stay clear,
through the ages.
for when the night comes to an end,
life will change.

so, music, music,
stay dear, throughout eternity.
keep your head held up high,
and never die.