"I, said the rose, " am Violet. Now, don't be silly. Of course I know how to get there. At the flower academy, we learned all about it, as it is a strong part of us flower's lives."

"The sun and the moon and the sea and the stars,
together combined as one.
At west's last glimmer of fire,
a door shall appear to one.
One alone shall lead his friends,
one alone will find it.
The center of centers,
only the worthy shall seek.
To a place,
a paradise, whatever that may be.
Where fire stars fall forever from the air,
trees forgotten, bird's nests needed, where are they?
The center of centers,
this door only some dare to seek.
governed are these waters,
by dangers untold,
but to flee is the way of cowards.
the fireflies tempt, the lights are cunning,
beware of them,
don't you see?"